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Literacy Services includes a range of programs for adults, teens, young adults and for families with young children.

Recognizing the importance of adult education and doing something about it is the goal of RCA Family Literacy Services

REACH HIGHER, AMERICA: Overcoming Crisis in the U.S. Workforce. A new report released by the National Commission on Adult Literacy focuses on the adult education and skills crisis facing American workers states that unless the nation gives much higher priority to the basic educational needs of the workforce – adults beyond the reach of the schools – America’s standard of living, its status as a leading world power, and it’s very social fabric will be further eroded. - National Commission on Adult Literacy, June, 2008

Literacy Services programming began in 1989 with The Gift of Reading program. It was clear that if we were to prevent poverty, we needed to prevent illiteracy. There exists a clear and documented connection between under-education and poverty. To meet the challenges of this connection and to fulfill its mission, RCA has developed and implemented a broad range of literacy services.

Literacy Services for Adults and Adolescents

Adult Basic Education (ABE): Need help improving your reading, writing or math skills to get a better job? Change your career? Go on to further your education?

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): Did you just move to the area from another country? Is English not your first language? Need help with speaking and listening skills, or reading and writing skills in English?

GED Preparation: Never graduated from high school? Would you like to prepare to take your GED? Click here for information on our day and evening classes at the Community Campus in Portsmouth.

Literacy Services for Children and Families

The Gift of Reading and The Gift of Reading Storytime in WIC Clinics: Do you want to learn more about reading with your child? Would you like to become more familiar with your local library? Would you like to receive free quality books for your child?

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF): Do you have a preschool child or a child in school below third grade? Would you like to volunteer to read and create arts projects with young children or help with book selection?